How can reading help my child sleep?

Is reading a bedtime story to your child really that important? Can sharing a story with your child help them sleep? 

Reading books to your children play a really important role in their development, as we looked at briefly in the previous post. With regards to bedtime, a story with your child can have positive impacts in numerous ways. 

  1. Relationship with your child

Being able to sit and cuddle your child whilst reading a story is precious. Bedtime stories are special moments spent together. Children love to have time with their parents and listening to mum or dad gives them that sense of comfort and security. 

  1. Routine

Establishing a Routine for children is necessary and at bedtime reading a story should be apart of that routine, in the same way as brushing teeth and getting pyjamas on. Routines develop into habits. Therefore, children recognise when they need to settle down and get ready for being calm after their busy day. 

  1. Relaxing

Settling down and reading to your children whilst they lie in their beds is extremely calming and relaxing for you and them. When choosing the bedtime story, it’s important to consider the story and the use of your voice whilst sharing it. Changing your tone and lowering your pitch can help your child relax and ultimately drift off to sleep. 

  1. Imagination

As parents we have an influential role with informing our child’s imagination in a positive way. This is especially important if your child has had a hard day around friends that haven’t been kind. 

Reading a story can give your child the time and the tools to develop their imagination. Children using modern technology frequently can sometimes hinder opportunities to enhance and grow their imagination and therefore allowing them this time to listen to a story gives them these opportunities back. 

So, let’s keep Reading! 


As parents we have an influential role with informing our child’s imagination in a positive way. Click To Tweet