Sharing ‘Shadrach the lion’ with 2 year olds

I was given a lovely warm welcome by the children at the local playgroup today.

Sharing my book, ‘Shadrach the lion’, to children as young as two was really special.

The children loved the illustrations and were especially excited about the spiders that appeared on the first pages of the book.

There was much excitement when Shadrach was brought out of the ‘small brown case’. Everyone loved giving him a cuddle or tickling his paws!

We looked at Shadrachs sad face and saw how he was happy at the end of the story.

The children played a game ‘using sticks’. Could this have been the game that Shadrach played with the children in his book? The children closed their eyes and when they were asked, they all found different coloured sticks. They then matched these to the coloured cards. We counted the sticks to see if they had found them all. Was great to see how they could count to five and hold up five fingers.

What a surprise when the children gave me their artwork. I now have an amazing lion, with a mane created from painting with a fork.


Thank you to everyone at the Playgroup.