World Book Day 2020


Spent time today thinking about the wonderful time I had at St James Primary School on World Book Day 2020.

It was great to share my favourite authors and share some of my favourite stories in a whole school assembly. Watching the children help to re enact the great story, ‘what the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson was also special.

After the assembly I was able to spend time in each class from nursery to year 6. The children were amazing at inventing great ideas for adventures that Shadrach could be involved in and the older children helped identify what makes a good story and concluded by creating their own quick adventures using story cards. 

Shadrach made an appearance in each class and the younger children were able to describe him and his character by using some great words.

The children made my time at St James so much fun and I look forward to going back one day soon.